School & Community Education

The San Francisco Beekeepers Association conducts frequent presentations at schools and community centers to help educate children and the public about honeybees. Below is a list of some of these events in recent years.

Our presentations are intended to broaden public understanding of the biology of honeybees and their importance to the SF ecosystem. They also include demonstrations of how city beekeepers manage bees, including — if desired — a “visible hive” showing live honeybees at work under a sheet of protective glass.

The sessions are offered entirely free, subject only to finding a mutually convenient time for our volunteer presenters, who are all active beekeepers in the city. To learn more about these presentations or inquire about scheduling one for your school or event, please click here to contact us.

Recent SFBA Public and Classroom Demonstrations

September 15, 2015 La Scuola Italian International School,Kindergarten Class
April 13, 2016 Sweet Pea Preschool
April 26, 2016 Sweet Pea Preschool
May 1, 2016 Waldorf School May Faire Day
May 12, 2016 UCSF Living Green Fair
May 31, 2016 Kiddie Corner Pre School
July 19, 2016 SF Friends School Kindergarten Class
August 6, 2016 Filoli Gardens
September 11, 2016 Pollinator Day @Playland on 43rd Ave
September 13, 2016 La Scuola Italian International School, Kindergarten Class
October 29, 2016 Quesada Neighborhood Street Fest
April 4, 2017 The New School, Kindergarden class
April 18, 2017 Kai Ming Head Start
Tuesday April 18, 2017 SF Public Library
May 16, 2017 Children’s Day School, Kindergarten
May 17, 2017 Kiddie Corner Daycare Preschool
July 11, 2017 SF Friends School Summer Program
July 18, 2017 SF Public Library Summer program
August 12, 2017 San Francisco Zoo
September 10, 2017 Congregation Emanu-El Synagogue Rosh Hashana
September 19, 2017 La Scuola Italian International School, First Grade
September 21, 2017 Gan Noe Preschool Rosh Hashana