San Francisco Beekeepers Association

The city’s non-profit alliance for beekeepers, would-be keepers and friends

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SFBA is a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to promoting honeybees & other pollinators in San Francisco, and helping people who support bees. Join our free email list now.

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Come to our next meeting

The SF Beekeepers meet regularly on the first Wednesday of every month at St. John Armenian Apostolic Church, 275 Olympia Way. Meetings typically begin with open Q&A followed by an expert speaker, and are free for members & non-members alike! Click for a complete list of events.

Learn to keep bees

We offer beekeeping classes every February and March. to train would-be beekeepers or refresh skills of those with prior experience.  Tuition is just $25 per session for members ($50 for non-members), and you can join our mailing list to be notified when classes are open for registration.

Get help with a swarm


A “swarm” is a huge mass of honeybees — a living cluster that can be as large as a watermelon — clinging to a tree, bush, wall or even the ground. Don’t panic if you see one; bees in a swarm are usually gentle. Instead, click here for how to report the swarm so an experienced beekeeper can come to collect and resettle them.

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