Membership comes with many benefits, including access to extractors and other club equipment, eligibility for club bee purchases, discounts on classes and services, and admission to the popular annual holiday party/prize raffle — not to mention friendship and support from fellow beekeepers in helping to preserve the honeybee!

Here are a few of the member benefits you’ll hear about …

Regular monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month. Normally, we hold them in person at St John Armenian Church at 275 Olympia Way. At this moment, we are conducting our monthly meetings via Zoom. Any member can attend, and we send you login information via our members-only chat group (see below). When restrictions are lifted, we will go back to meeting in person.

Beekeeping classes: These highly popular classes are held in February and March with a deep discount for members. In two, four-hour sessions we teach novices everything they need to get started. And we provide refresher opportunities for second and third year class participants.

Queens & Bee package purchase: Membership entitles you to purchase bees and fertile queens at below-market prices. We get our bees from a high-end breeder (a club-friendly breeder and cost not accessible to mere mortals). The bulk bee purchase happens in the Spring (generally, mid-April)

Extractor rental: Your membership entitles you to rent the club’s Maxant motorized honey extractors, which can extract six medium frames tangentially or three deeps tangentially at a time. The cost is $25 per rental plus a refundable $100 damage deposit. (Please review this video before reserving the extractor.)

Summer/Fall BBQ takes place in August or September, in place of the monthly meeting. Details come in an email. Good food, good company. Note: Because of restrictions, please watch for emails on whether this will happen in 2020.

A holiday party with the “Amazing prize raffle”  Members and their guests are invited to the club’s holiday party in December, where we conduct an amazing raffle to give away beekeeping prizes, from hive boxes and protective gear to tools and nuc boxes. Note: Hopefully, this will happen in 2020.

A Members-only Online Group: We use This group is open to members only. Use it to ask questions, form extractor groups, sell old gear (no commercial sales), or just ask for help. Expect an invite once you join.

A Community: This might be the biggest benefit. Other than sharing your journey, membership gives you access to longtime beekeepers who willingly pass on knowledge and learning. We’re working on a formal mentorship program, but nearly all members freely share. It’s good to belong!

Most importantly, membership helps support bees and beekeeping. As the largest and oldest SF beekeeping society, SFBA works to promote the welfare of honeybees and those who manage them. Members work on a volunteer basis doing outreach to schools and civic groups, conducting classes to train beekeepers, replenishing lost stock through our annual “bee pack” purchase, and offering swarm removal services citywide at no or low cost.

Any questions, feel free to drop us a line or send a note to the club at

Hope to see you at a meeting soon, but in the meantime, stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance. And love your bees.

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New members: Join now online …

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  2. Then select a membership type (individual or family/household) and click “Buy Now” to pay using your bank information or credit card.