Wed May 6, 6:30pm – Jennifer Berry on rehabbing equipment and more

Wednesday, May 6, 6:30 to 7:30ish

Jennifer Berry: Evaluating and Rehabilitating Old Hive Equipment for Reuse. Plus, AFB.

Via Zoom

Jennifer Berry will be presenting a slide talk on cleaning, rehabilitating and reusing old hive equipment, plus how to diagnose disorders in the combs of deadout colonies, particularly American Foulbrood. Jennifer has become a de facto “expert” on American Foulbrood and other diseases in recent years while helping other beekeepers diagnose problems that occur in the hive.

Watch for Zoom meeting details on our members-only Google Group. This event is limited to Members Only. There will be a password (on the google group email with details) for security purposes.

About the presenter: Jennifer Berry was working as a field biologist and landscape consultant when she helped a friend tend his hives and caught the beekeeping bug. Her first hives were near Dolores park on Guerrero and in the Berkeley Hills, but she caught her first swarm at her own house in Duboce Triangle that year. What started as a 4-hive hobby quickly blossomed into a business for her as her interests in the science of bees brought her success as a beekeeper. Jennifer now raises her own queens for the nucleus colonies she sells each spring, tends hives for commercial farms, teaches classes and workshops and mentors other beekeepers around the Bay Area.