April 11 | Elizabeth Bang – Allergic Reactions to Bee Venom

It’s one of the questions we all get as beekeepers: “What’s the best way to treat a bee sting, and when should we go to the emergency room?”

Most people have a localized reaction to a bee sting, but some individuals have a much greater, and potentially dangerous reaction.

While not a substitute for medical advice, this talk will provide information to help beekeepers make better-informed decisions regarding allergic reactions to bee venom. Topics will include how to recognize anaphylaxis, emergency management, and epinephrine auto-injectors.

Our speaker Elizabeth Bang has been a beekeeper for 3 years, raises queens, does cutouts, and chases swarms down on the peninsula. She is an RDH, with formal training in anaphylactic emergency management.

SF Beekeepers Association
Wednesday April 11
Discussion starts at 6:45 for all-topic Q and A
Program starts at 7
St John Armenian Apostolic Church
275 Olympia Way, SF