SFBA Members Featured in Real Simple Magazine

SFBA member Chaney Kwak writes in the April issue of Real Simple Magazine (“A Sweeter Purpose”):

But to my surprise, I discovered that few things calm me like having hundreds of bees buzz about. As a reluctant California transplant, I’m not one to use words like “mindfulness,” but beekeeping gives me a taste of the serenity that meditation enthusiasts extol. The bees’ murmur drowns out the competing thoughts in my head—about the home renovation that’s going all wrong, loved ones’ recent health diagnoses, work deadlines. Even at the end of the worst day, I calm down when I sit by the hive and watch the bees at work, gracefully soaring along paths decipherable only to them. When I need comic relief, I look for the ones returning home, heavy with nectar. They collide with others or miss the landing, comically traipsing down before floating again.

In a few short months, the bees have provided more solace than any self-help book. They let me feel at one with nature and time as I watch them sustain the world. I breathe without thinking, and soon I realize I can simply be. It’s a cliché, I know, but by adopting these creatures, I was saved.

You can read the article online at realsimple.com or by viewing a PDF here.