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Although our monthly meetings are free and open to the public, there are many benefits of being a SFBA member.  Members receive a newsletter, The City Bee Buzz, via email.  When the club offers classes and events that have a fee and are open to the public, members pay a reduced fee.  For example, each year, the club offers a series of beekeeping classes which are open to the public.

Members are eligible for discounted subscriptions to each of the two major US beekeeping magazines, Bee Culture and the American Bee Journal, and they are eligible to borrow, on a temporary loan basis, various items of property that belong to the club for a $25.00 refundable deposit if items are returned clean and undamaged . Except for the extractors which are only used during our extractor days that are set up once a month during honey flow. Dates & details are sent to members as they set.

  1. an extensive library of beekeeping books and other media
  2. honey extractors
  3. hive carrier
  4. candle molds
  5. frame jigs
  6. observation hive
  7. honey bee educational posters

We periodically organize member only field trips.  Each spring, we place a group order for packages of honey bees (queen and approx. 10,000 bees) for members who wish to start a new colony.

However, the greatest benefit of SFBA membership is the camaraderie and beekeeping support, mentoring and information exchange that members provide one another.

How To Join

1. Download, print, fill out and mail the Membership Application with payment. Printable form below.

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2. Fill out the Online application below and click the submit button, choose membership type Individual or House Hold (2 person Household) and then pay via credit Card using the buy now button below. PLEASE NOTE: If this is the first time you are signing up as a member, a membership form is required. Membership will not be validated until form is received. Which ever option you choose requires a completed membership form. If you choose House Hold membership, please include second members name and contact info on the form. Second member will not be validated or added to the roster if not included.


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