How do I find a class

A. Local beekeeping clubs typically teach a beginning class each year, usually during the spring. We suggest that you contact a local beekeeping group to learn if and when such a class will be conducted. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you likely will find more beekeeping clubs within a 100-mile radius of one another than anywhere else within the U.S. Most, but not all, conduct a beginning beekeeping class each year. If you cannot make the class conducted by one club, you likely will be able to take a class conducted by another club. See the links and online

SFBA teaches a series of classes in the beginning of each new calendar year. The first class (purely classroom) takes place in mid/late January on (Equipment). This allows attendees plenty of time to do additional reading about beekeeping, and to determine if they want to actually start keeping bees that calendar year. This also allows attendees enough time to make hive, tool and protective clothing decisions and, if they want to assemble their own hive components to reduce cost, to order and assemble hive components before bees become available. SFBA holds the second class in February. This class will cover the history and biology of the honey bee (Bee Biology). In March the class is in two parts (Beekeeping 101). The first part will consist of equipment choices and demonstrations (Always on a Saturday)  the next Day (Always the following Sunday). We assemble at one of the clubs apiaries or community gardens, and attendees have the opportunity to personally open and inspect one or more full size, established colonies under the guidance and supervision of an experienced beekeeper. We suggest that all attendees bring a bag lunch. Check the website calendar for dates.