Welcome to the San Francisco Beekeepers Association

The San Francisco Beekeepers Association is the premier organization for beekeepers in our city. We work to promote the welfare of honeybees and those who manage them, perform public outreach on behalf of bees to schools and civic groups, conduct classes to train incoming beekeepers on the art and science of managing bees, define and promote safe, community-friendly and environmentally sound beekeeping practices, maintain equipment such as extractors that are vital to beekeeping, help San Francisco beekeepers replenish lost stock with annual “bee pack” purchases, and offer swarm removal services to the public at no or low cost. Membership costs just $30 per year ($40 for a family membership) and you can join the club now online.

Come to our next meeting …

The SF Beekeepers meet on the second Wednesday of every month at 7 pm at St. John Armenian Apostolic Church, 275 Olympia Way. The meetings start with a general Q&A followed by an expert speaker. All meetings are free and open to the public, and visitors, experienced beekeepers and would-be beekeepers are all invited.

Join SFBA now!

Your membership costs just $30/year (or $40 for the whole family) and includes:

  • Discounts on beekeeping classes and events
  • Access to club equipment including extractors, hive carriers, candle molds, frame jigs, observation hive, plus an extensive library of beekeeping books and media
  • Access to our annual bulk purchase of “bee packs” (fertilized queen and approx. 5,000 bees) from reputable breeders
  • Discounted subscriptions to Bee Culture or American Bee Journal magazines
  • Plus, mentoring, advice and support from the friendliest and most knowledgeable beekeepers in the city

Want to become a beekeeper?

We run classes every February and March to train incoming beekeepers. Classes are open to the public and at a discounted rate to members; you can either get on our mailing list or  join the club now to be sure of being notified when & how to sign up.

Need help with a swarm?

A “swarm” is a large mass of honeybees clinging to an object such as a tree branch or bush, side of house, or even just on the ground. Don’t panic if you see one; bees in a swarm are usually quite gentle. Instead, just call the SFBA Swarm Dispatcher swarmButtonat (415) 99-SWARM or (415) 997-9276 or click this link for more information.

Photo credit: Nicolás Boullosa